Characters Final Frame

HudsonHudson inherited Rib Riot from his father Arthur earlier in the decade.  No one knows what he does all day.  In fact most people aren’t positive that he owns Rib Riot…  

Hudson attempts to fire up his “employees” with motivational quotes and energizing speeches.  He has failed in every attempt.  

He has also been known to use the company telephone for frequent personal phone calls.  These phone calls were made public after a Federal Investigation into suspected tax evasion.

Hudson remains oblivious to the effect the leak had on his public persona.  

Hudson also handles most of the news for Rib Riot, by giving hard-hitting interviews and diligently researching articles.
He is currently single, and hasn’t been on a date for quite sometime, despite thousands of attempts.  He has yet to cash in on his quasi celebrity status. 

His favorite cheese is 2%.

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