Characters Final Frame


Ricky is currently involved in the day-to-day operations of Rib Riot, and being a sports fanatic, he tends to draw business strategies with X’s and O’s. (Which can be very confusing depending on the metaphors being used)


Ricky spends most of his days dispensing fantasy sports advice, educating readers with sports history, and hosting his own call in sports show.


A bit of a meathead, Ricky tends to jumble facts and spew fraudulent information, but becomes violently angry when questioned about the validity of his reports.


Ricky is ironically the only member of the Rib Riot staff to be currently married.  He has no children.  He has described his wife as corpulent, and domineering.  She has yet to attend a Rib Riot office function, and the pictures on Ricky’s desk are predominantly blurry.


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