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Lover Boy

November 4th, 2005

| Fake Diaries

Richard SimmonsI recently had another lapse in judgment.  While anxiously awaiting the weekend, I devised a plan to excite my fellow workers. 

The plan consisted of a small boom box and enough sequins to blind Richard Simmons. 

At roughly two o’clock the music began to play, and I emerged from the bathroom dressed in a sparkling jumpsuit constructed the previous night while watching Roker On the Road.  The music blared through the halls, as I danced to Lover Boy. 

Everybody is working for the weekend I thought.  I was wrong. 

Apparently, Gary has to work until five on Saturday and Loraine until six.  Ted, Carol, and Franklin are working on Sunday.  I was disappointed to find out that I too would be working Saturday afternoon, something I could have realized by simply looking at the calendar. 

For the second weekend in a row I would miss my paid programming, fingers crossed they don’t air the Gazelle episode. 

I finished the dance to stay strong for my coworkers, but inside I was a mess. 

After the dance, my boss called me into his splendid office where we spent the next fifty minutes discussing the sexual harassment policy. 

I guess in the midst of my gyrations, unbeknownst to me, a second person became part of the show.  According to my boss, he appeared shy at first, but later gained confidence.  I examined the suit, and the threading had snapped.  Therefore, I am currently entrenched in a legal battle with Sunbeam. 

In the plus column, I finally succeeded in my attempt to spread joy and excitement.  People laughed for the remainder of the day.  I could see them pointing at me, and I can only assume that they were saying, “there he is, that’s the guy that cheered us up that one time!”

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