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The Christmas Return

January 23rd, 2006

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Shopping CartThe three readers that I entertain on an inconsistent basis, have got to be wondering where I’ve been.  Well, to make a long story short.  

I, took a little breather before christmas and that breather became a coma.  Seriously.  I'm kidding

In my absence, a ton of crazy stuff has happened, and by a ton, I mean very little.  At Christmas I received a card table and chairs.  I was pretty excited.  Think of the possibilities:  Card games, snack displays, Parcheesi, board games, the kids table, it was going to be fun.  That is until I unboxed the tear-proof table only to find the top of the table to be tear-filled.  

I didn’t noticed a big gouge in the box, so I can only assume that somebody  knowingly let the product slip out of the factory.  Who would do such a thing?  Honestly?  I’ve only known one guy that worked at a table factory, and he was rude and inconsiderate.  I don’t think he would put a tear….  Yeah he probably would. Eh, things happen.  

I took it back to Target for a full refund and a smile.  I’m still waiting for the smile (shipping takes approximately 4-6 weeks).  

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One Response to “The Christmas Return”

  1. Ryan M. Theodore Logan Ziegler, Esq. Says:

    God, how I’ve missed my clown with the heart of gold!!

    A projectile in your REAR?! I think I have a few gifts that need returning…

    “And for some reason he was wearing a wolf costume, even though Halloween had passed months before. ”

    Are you sure you don’t live in Naperville? They have this theatre troupe there with an actor that sounds like the person you described.

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