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KeyboardThe internet appeared to be getting pretty popular, and it seemed that everyone had a dot com account except me.  I really wasn’t sure if my bank had those accounts, but I thought I’d ask.  It turns out that they don’t, but Margaret, the teller who waited on me, was very helpful.  She thought I might already be signed up, and as it turns out she was right.  This accounts for the additional forty dollars tacked onto my bill every month.

I was already traveling on the information superhighway.  I had been using it for years actually.  I just assumed that it was the the devil's playground.  

Anyway, I tried this internet thing out and I like it, but I have a few suggestions and criticisms for it’s creator, Al Gore.

One.  Who in the published all of my personal journals on the internet?

Two.  When will time travel be possible through this thing at an affordable rate?  It’s come to my attention that there are several web sites available on the subject, but the pricing still seems to be a bit ridiculous.

Three.  It would appear that any idiot can create one of these addresses, and pretend to be an expert on a plethora of subjects.  Maybe I should take another look at “Lloyd’s House of Stamp Collecting and Rental Equipment.”

Four.  Before someone steals this idea from me.  “Shopping on the internet.”  What do you think?   People never have to leave their houses.  You can do all of your purchasing from your home and we eliminate cash transactions.  Just another level of terrorist security.  

Hopefully, I can find an e-mail address to send this to.  I just want to get my feelers out there.  This whole internet thing could be a tool for change, and maybe someday all urinals will have dividers in between them, and then maybe peoples’ personal issues wouldn’t become common knowledge.

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