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The Eat SheetEh, this restaurant reminds me of home.  You can show up wearing whatever you want, and you'll fit right in.  No reason to dress up here.  In fact you pretty much just microwave everything yourself.

Name: Aunt Laura's Family Restaurant

Slogan: "Where an alcoholic uncle berates you.  Family Style!"

Setting: Below Casual (You can pull off briefs and a tank top here.)

Distinguishing Characteristics: Cracked tile floor, cockroaches, red checkered table clothes, Spaghetti served on tables, dirty tables.

Price: $2.95.  All meals served family style.  The price stays low because they don't hire cooks.  You're in charge of your own re-heats.

Cuisine: Mostly Italian(Chef Boyardee), and frozen television dinners. 

Feature Entree: Spiderman Spaghetti-O's served on the table. 

The Eat Sheet is a collection of restaurants frequented by Gil on a regular basis.  He takes great pride in selecting frugal, but elegant eateries for his readers.  Each restaurant is hand selected by Gil, and must meet his rigorous testing matrix.  The matrix consists of one guideline… Price.  Check back for more of Gil's Eat Sheet

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