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I was going to write about the forgotten stars of LaCrosse, but have there ever been any stars of lacrosse? I don’t know. A reader suggested this title to me, and quite frankly I can’t think of any forgotten lacrosse stars. I know there was Duncan Feebles, but I wouldn’t really classify him as a star, a dynamo, but not a star. Besides everyone still remembers him. So I’ve decided to list my top 3 American Gladiators of all time…

Thunder Thighs – Thunder Thighs looked like a man, but I’m fairly positive she was a woman. She looked amazing and her face looked like it was literally chiseled from stone. Her greatest asset? You guessed it. Her thighs. Described on the telecasts as portable tree trunks. Her legs provided a very solid base to work from. She was excluded from aerial games, but was quite dominant in Powerball.

Magic Man – Magic Man was one of the biggest gladiators on the show, and he was cut. He had muscles everywhere. He barely looked human due to the fact that his steroid enhanced shoulders covered most of his neck. He had an inability to raise his hands above his head, but that didn’t stop him from excelling at the Joust.

Lard – Lard was the fattest Gladiator on the show, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t agile. In fact I daresay he could have been one of the fastest Gladiators in competition. He was unstoppable whenever he got his body moving. Due to his excess mass, he had the ability to pummel competitors into submission without using appendages. How he did it, I’ll never know. He excelled on the Rings. Once he swung… Watch out!

Who was your favorite American Gladiator and why?

(Editor’s Note: Ricky’s selections have not been verified.  Some of the players above may be inactive, retired, injured, dead, non-existent or play for entirely different sports.)

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