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Osama Bin LadenEarlier this morning Al-Qaeda released a rap video to support their new single, “Whazzit With The West?” off of their forthcoming album, “We No Playa Haters.”

The single which chronicles the laundry list of heavenly crimes that westerners commit on a daily basis, including wearing shorts, going bald, and shaving, is getting heavy airplay on Al Jazeera, but has failed to find an audience in the States.

This is Al-Qaeda's first official album, but they are no strangers to the public.  They have already had a successful string of promotional videos, and have become very well known for the new fad they've started called “Car Bombing.”

When questioned on their switch to the music industry and their leap into rap,  Al-Qaeda's publicist explained “that it's getting harder to reach the public, and we were having trouble with the production quality on our videos.   R & B and rap are dominating western markets.  Now is the time to get in.  We think that people are going to be pleasantly surprised.  Osama has a track on the album, and I think audiences are going to be shocked at some his rhymes and beat boxing.”

The video is stark, but it closely resembles the conventions of the western rap video.  It's complete with machine guns, bling, and 72 vestal virgins shaking what appears to be their booty.  (It's difficult to make out under the masks and heavy robes).

“We No Playa Haters” will be available in clean and explicit versions on iTunes and at standard retailers on August 5th.

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