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Albino Al Gore

July 28th, 2007

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Albino Al GoreThe first pictures of the rumored Albino Al Gore have emerged.  His existence has been rumored for years, and has been highly researched by cryptozooligists.  Most scientists believe this photo to be a forgery, while others say that this thing is getting out of hand.  

It is estimated that several highly vocal celebrities will band together and speak out in support of the photo and the effects it's currently having on today's society and the possible future implications it could have.  Very few will listen.

Even if this mythical beast does or does not exist what is the next step?  Very few are willing to speculate or provide a reasonable course of action.  Those that believe the photo is genuine have bandied about throwing a gigantic concert.  What is this Live Aid?

Just as fast as this picture was taken, the Albino Al Gore supposedly disappeared into a thicket of weeds.  He supposedly re-emerged later that very day to sort out some legal issues and pick up an absentee ballot. 

Is he real or just a piece of Photoshop magic?

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