Characters Final Frame

deerMADISON – Local hunter Peter Fritz lost his life Thursday afternoon when he was defeated in a winner-take-all gin rummy game with a local deer named Reginald.

Reginald approached the hunter shortly after 7 A.M. and proposed a challenge.  The challenge was a one round, winner-take-all gin rummy match.  However, the gin rummy game was actually the second challenge proposed. 

According to Reginald, “Peter, that’s his name right?  Yeah.  Peter turned down my original offer, which was a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’  As you can imagine I’m pretty limited in that game.  I can only throw rock with this hoof.  Apparently, Peter didn’t like his chances.”
After Peter lost, Reginald put on his camouflage gear and reflective vest.  The deer then gingerly picked up Mr. Fritz’s firearm and shot him. 

Reginald tracked Peter through the woods for two miles, but eventually got the kill shot.  

Unfortunately, Reginald had already reached the limit of his hunting license when the media arrived.

Shortly after the interview, another hunter, Glen Carls, who refused to play deer games, shot Reginald.

Reginald should be back from the butcher next week.  He will be consumed as jerky and burgers.

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