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Microsoft ZuneDuring all of the iPhone commotion, Alan Rogers, was able to select and buy a Microsoft Zune in a matter of seconds.

“There was no line, and absolutely no one looking at it.  The shelves were full.  I was shocked,” said Rogers.

The Zune was released months ago in a media whirlwind that amounted to nothing.  Sales have remained sluggish.  It was supposed to be an iPod killer, but instead it has turned out to be an embarrassment.  

Rogers arrived at Best Buy expecting lines out the door.  He was so concerned about not getting one that he had been camping outside of Best Buy for the last week with a sleeping bag, a cooler, and a huge a bag of games to play with his fellow campers.  It was a lonely week.  Rogers was under the impression that the Zune was being released on Friday, even though he could have easily walked into Best Buy on Monday, when he started camping, and bought the Zune.

Brent Atwood, Best Buy's Manager, stated that Rogers, “had been there for a week, and he would come in to use the store's bathroom.  Every time he did, he walked right past the giant Zune display outside of the men's restroom.”

A Best Buy cashier said that they, “haven't sold one of those things in months.  I was surprised someone was buying it… He was so happy too.  He even asked me why there wasn't a line, I told him that we weren't carrying the iPhone yet.  I had no idea he was talking about the Zune.”

According to Rogers, “I was just happy to be one of the lucky ones to get my hands on one of these bad boys.  I can wait to let the guys on the forum know.  They'll be so jealous!”

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