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Backstreet BoysThree men were arrested earlier this morning for running a Backstreet Boys website.  

Federal authorities have known about the site for some time, but were waiting to make an arrest until all of the defendants could be identified.  

One of the webmasters, known to his camp as iHeartBSB, was caught posting what authorities are calling a “news update on Brian Littrell.”   

“It was a turkey chase, but we finally got ‘em.  It can get pretty tricky now.  What with all their handles, avatars, and God knows what else they use to hide their identity,” said Lt. Roger Cosby.

Two of the names were not released, but authorities have revealed that one of the posters was none other than Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

Authorities were under the impression that they had wiped out the remaining cell of Backstreet Boys, but were surprised to find one leading this “Official” underground ring.

The FBI can only estimate how many other sites like these exist, but according to Lt. Cosby, the authorities plan on “hunting these sick and disturbed individuals out of hiding and expose them for who they are. Hopefully, this will ensure the safety of American ears.”

Messages left at Nick Carter’s neighbor’s house were not returned.

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