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Headlines: November 27, 2007

November 27th, 2007

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O.J. Simpson Ordered To Give Felony Charges To Goldman Family
LAS VEGAS – Yesterday, all of O.J. Simpson’s felony charges were transferred to the Goldman family.  According to the fine print of Simpson’s 1997 wrongful death judgment, the Goldman family was to be awarded all of Simpson’s post trial acquisitions, including criminal penalties.  Fred Goldman will be tried for robbery with a deadly weapon and other felonies later this year.

Microsoft Accidentally Lets Lapse
REDMOND – In a major Internet mistake, the Microsoft Corporation inadvertently let the domain name expire.  The domain was accidentally purchased by local entrepenuer Barry Watkins from GoDaddy for $8.95 a year.  Microsoft has offered Watkins 2 million dollars or the company’s surplus of Zune inventory for the domain.  Watkins told reporters that the purchase was an accident.  He had intended to purchase the domain  Watkins is the inventor of the MicroLoft, a portable sleeping accessory.

Work Continues On This Old House
BOSTON – Work has yet to stop on This Old House. The project began in 1979 with a simple drywall repair, and shows no signs of stopping.  Carpenters are now planning to re-restore the portions of the house that were first renovated close to thirty years ago.  This Old House is a three bedroom, 2 and a half bath colonial built in the early 1950’s.

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