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Headlines: November 9, 2007

November 9th, 2007

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Shirley City Council Meeting Crushes World Series
BOSTON – Last week's public access broadcast of the Shirley Massachusetts City Council Meeting beat Major League Baseball's World Series in the ratings.  The viewing audience nearly doubled that of the series.  During the council meeting, John Simons was granted permission to build a small outbuilding along his easement line.

George Lucas Hopes To Decimate Star Wars Legacy
SKYWALKER RANCH – George Lucas has revealed plans to create a live action television series spinoff of his popular Star Wars franchise.  Lucas told reporters that the show would revolve around minor characters in the series.  Lucas announced that, "hopefully this will kill the franchise off once and for all.  I thought the prequels would take care of this, but they did not."

Denny's PBA Spokesman Unrecognizable
NASHVILLE – Denny's Restaurant's recently released commercial features professional bowler Walter Ray Williams Jr.  Unfortunately, 99.97% of all Americans have no idea who Walter Ray Williams Jr. is.  75% of those polled were positive that Williams Jr. sang the Monday Night Football theme song.  When questioned, Denny's Vice President of Marketing told reporters that he, "was shocked.  I thought this was the coup of coups."

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