Characters Final Frame

Here is a random smattering of photos.  I figured I'd put these up on the internet myself before someone else did.  If anyone's going force my family into shame it's going to be me…


Pirate Lap Dance
Here I am with a gentleman caller.  He was a bit handsy. 


Marilyn Monroe
Here I am with Marilyn Monroe.  She's holding up well for her age, although her skin is a bit waxy.  See, I do know celebrities.


Mustaches For Kids
Here I am growing a mustache for Make-A-Wish, and for this new porn racket I got into.  I also bought a van with a couch in it shortly after this picture was taken.  Seriously, it was for the kids.


Here I am with Balto in what was supposed to be a private moment that we shared.  Until we broke up and he plastered it all over his blog.  I thought we respected each other enough… Apparently not.  I'm going to be the bigger man and keep the revealing photos I have private.  Let's just say Lassie isn't the girl next door.

Ice Cream Hat
Here is a picture of me wearing an ice cream turbin, or a dog poo cone… You decide.  Oh and that's my beautiful wife Katie licking said ice cream/poo.


Lady Liberty
Here I am tweaking Lady Liberty's nipple.  I can reveal to you that she's ticklish and that she's pretty ripped.  Oh, and she talks like a man, but she's one hell of a cuddler.


Here's what happens after a couple Mike's Hard Lemonades and little game of spin the bottle with Goofy, Tigger, and Pooh.  Just wait until I pull out the shots I have of Piglet.