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Francis Ford Coppola's FrankensteinAdaptations were all the rage. And after Francis Ford Coppola saw Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, he knew he wanted to do his own remake. Coppola began to pitch his new movie around Hollywood. His movie…

Francis Ford Coppola’s Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

The film gained little traction, but a few details were leaked. Coppola’s plan to cast Keanu Reeves as Frankenstein, fell on deaf ears. He is reported to have said that this was to be Keanu’s “Michael Corleone.” The studios were more interested in having an aging Al Pacino play the role of Frankenstein in a direct challenge to Robert DeNiro. Pacino wanted nothing to do with the picture, citing the film “Jack” several times in his rejection letter.

The studios were also frustrated by Coppola’s insistence in using “butt” shaped costumes, wigs, and props in the production. Studios wanted to avoid the eventual parody onslaught and decided to pass.

It was also believed that the plot structure was to be significantly altered to include a subplot in which Frankenstein’s monster joins a mafia family as some sort of consigliore.

The film never came to fruition, and Coppola struggled to regain his career. Information for this article was furnished by Francis Ford Coppola to drum up some excitement and traction for this project.

Project Redlight chronicles the movies that never made it in Hollywood.  They were discussed and bandied about, but ultimately a decision was made to pass on them.  The suggested movies are presented here with all of the details known at the time of their cancellation.

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