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Lord of the RingsMiramax was floored with the success of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy, and they began to formulate a new film. They wanted to squeeze out one last film from the license.  The film was never completed, but the title has been revealed along with the initial plotlines and casting.  That movie…

Lord of the Rings: A Jeweler’s Tale.

The film was to be a buddy comedy with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee trolling through New York hawking stolen rings.

Along their journey to sell the “one” unsellable ring, the two would encounter the homeless (CGI Characters), mass transportation, and a feisty thin heroin addict (CGI Character).

The plot was further complicated by the impending romance between the two hobbits.  The rest of the plot was illegible.  It was written in what appeared to be Elvish on a paper towel.

Studio execs looking for a hipper and more urban flavor opted to put Gary Coleman and Emanuel Lewis in the featured roles, and Eddie Murphy was slated to play the CGI heroin character with the crazy voice.

The film was halted before production began and never released.  We can only speculate on how amazing this film would have been…

Project Redlight chronicles the movies that never made it in Hollywood.  They were discussed and bandied about, but ultimately a decision was made to pass on them.  The suggested movies are presented here with all of the details known at the time of their cancellation.

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