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Indecent Proposal II: May I Eat Your Sandwich?After the critical success of Indecent Proposal, producers were anxious to get rolling on a sequel.  They wanted something even edgier, something that would shock and awe.  Unfortunately, the best idea  that came out of those discussions was…

Indecent Proposal II: May I Eat Your Sandwich?

The idea was scrapped quickly, but not before a basic plot structure was drawn up and principle cast members were hired.  The original plot called for the sandwich to be a CG character voiced by Eddie Murphy.  The sandwich owner's part was offered to Delta Burke, but was ultimately gobbled up by Kirstie Alley.  The sandwich suitor, as it were, was written as a vehicle for Rosanne.

The plot didn't stray too far from the original.  Alley's character was to have a seemingly perfect life with her current sandwich (Murphy), until an overweight millionaire (Rosanne) offered one million dollars for a single night alone with the sandwich.  The plot was predictable and the studio had trouble green-lighting any nudity for the film.  

The film was eventually shelved in a back lot dumpster.

Project Redlight chronicles the movies that never made it in Hollywood.  They were discussed and bandied about, but ultimately a decision was made to pass on them.  The suggested movies are presented here with all of the details known at the time of their cancellation.  

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  1. Ryan Says:

    I read in Variety that Indecent Proposal II was one of CAA’s package deals. It came with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Rat Salad, starring Rupert Everett as the salad.

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