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Terminator IV

October 19th, 2007

| Project Redlight

Terminator IVArtisan was desperate to recreate the gold they struck when they released Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  They bandied about ideas, and even attempted a marginally successful third film in the series.  However, studio execs weren't satisfied.  They went back to the drawing board and came up with…

Terminator IV: Fired From Kinkos

The plot entertained the idea that Terminator had been roaming around Earth for quite some time, and had become an accepted member of society.

Therefore Terminator needed to adjust to the social norms of the time, learn to cry, and feel human emotions.  The pitch was met with friction.

The studio was leery about turning a bonafied action series into a slapstick comedy, but they forged ahead developing the plot and hiring principles.

In a compromise the writers made the first half of the movie a comedy, while keeping the second half an action film. 

In the first half of the movie, the Terminator begins adjusting to society, which leads to marginal hilarity.  Finally, the Terminator lands a job at Kinkos.  However, the action begins when the Terminator is terminated for jamming the copy machine.  He would later return to avenge his firing with an action packed class action lawsuit. 

Arnold was cast as the Terminator, while Danny DeVito was slated to play his Kinkos boss.

The film was abandoned for unspecified reasons…

Project Redlight chronicles the movies that never made it in Hollywood.  They were discussed and bandied about, but ultimately a decision was made to pass on them.  The suggested movies are presented here with all of the details known at the time of their cancellation.  

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  1. Redbeard72 Says:

    You know, I think I heard about this, doesn’t Robert Patrick reprise his role as the T-1000 that’s been working for Fed-Ex? Nniiiccce.

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