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This jingle was commissioned by a small tanning salon in central Illinois, called Jamaica Me Tan.  Clever eh?  It was to debut on the local radio station, but was withdrawn by the company just prior to airing.  Apparently they weren't happy with the final product and demanded their money back.  It never aired…

The Rib Riot staff was hired to write some radio jingles in order to make a little extra cash.  For whatever reason these jingles were rejected by the companies that commissioned them.  They have been locked away in a vault until now.  Our marketing department wants some feedback as to why these jingles may have been rejected.  Press play to listen…

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2 Responses to “Jamaica Me Tan Radio Jingle”

  1. Ryan Says:

    For leatherface girls and gay men!

    Ahh, memories. Hilarious.

  2. Phil Gerbyshak Says:

    Um, why on earth would they reject this? I mean, I’ve been to Jamaica Me Tan on State Street in downtown Madison, and this seems to fit perfectly with the image they’re trying to portray. Perhaps you could package it differently, maybe with a quick video of the folks you know you’re targeting? Now THAT would bring in the bacon for you!

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