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The 10 Greatest Single Seasons In Sports

10. Ed Rogers‘ stunning performance in the River Valley Amateur Bowling League.  Rogers amassed an impressive 185 point game average in 30 games, and finished with 12 strikes.  Simply amazing.

9. Mark McGwire‘s performance enhanced smashing of Roger Maris’ singles season home run record.  This feat made Barbie Ruth look like a beer swilling girl.

8. Brian Bosworth‘s rookie season was spectacular.  This Hollywood phenom made his mark on football with an amazing season and and even better haircut.  Thanks for the steps Boz!

6. Sophie Jenkins‘ curling dominance in the 1963 Olympic Winter Games is unparalleled.  The way she “curled” was amazing.  I couldn’t believe that she got the thing that close to the thing.

5. Bill Wennington‘s inspired performance off the bench of the Chicago Bulls was one of legend.  He trailed the team with a 3.5 point scoring average and a negative 3 rebounds a game.  If it wasn’t for a couple of ball hogs, the Bulls could have won a few more titles.

4. Gary Bradshaw‘s season before he broke his leg on Monday Night Football was incredible.  He was obviously on pace to break every standing record, but unfortunately he fell.  I’ll always wonder what could have been.

3. Duke Stevens‘ season with the Detroit Red Wings was known for its brutal fights.  Steven’s played every game that year, but spent only 10 minutes on the ice.  He amassed an unheard of 698 penalties and spent over 3 months in the penalty box.  The record stands to this day.

2. Grandpa Ray‘s performance during the 1986 holiday season was off the hook.  In a two month time period, he had three heart attacks and was outfitted with a colostomy bag.  He returned at Christmas to score the winning touchdown during the annual family tackle football game.  He died that night from a collapsed lung.

1. Michael Jordan had a couple of pretty good years during the eighties.  It’s hard to pinpoint just one, so I won’t.  He was okay, and his season with the Barons definitely stands out in my mind.

(Editor’s Note: Ricky’s selections have not been verified.  Some of the players above may be inactive, retired, injured, dead, non-existent or play for entirely different sports.  We are also aware that selection number 7 is missing.  Ricky doesn’t know that this number exists.)

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