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Fantasy SportsWell, we’re almost midway through the football season.  So, I thought I’d give you fans a fantasy football update.  Let’s take it position by position.  I’ll give you my sleepers and picks to click.  Keep in mind that these players ARE available in most leagues.


1. Dan Marino – With Vinny Testeverde making his triumphant return, I expect Dan-O to return soon, very soon.  Especially with head tackling machine Trent Green now out in Miami.

2. Ryan Hutchins – Technically, he’s not in the league yet, but with most teams firing through quarterbacks like Mike Tyson through ears, this high school senior could shake things up.  He’s leading St. Mary’s Boys School with 350 yards, 2 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, and 23.7% completion rate after five games.

Running Backs

1. Thurman Thomas – With a slew of teams in desperate need of a running back, this recent Hall of Famer could make a huge impact on any team he touches.

2. Eddy Jenkins – Eddy is Tampa Bay’s 7th string running back, cut from the practice squad.  He may be getting the call up very shortly.  If he does, have your finger on the buy button.

Wide Recievers

1.  Carlton Fisk – An excellent catcher if you’re in a bye week pinch!

2.  John Henry – After serving an eight-week suspension, this highlight reel should be ready to make a splash in the Bengals lineup.

Tight Ends

1. Anthony Gondola – This tight end is having an amazing year and even broke the all-time tight end touchdown record recently for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He’s under the radar, but still an excellent pick.

2. Antonio Fences – Even with wild fires burning through San Diego, this tight end has been a go-to-guy for the Chargers, even if he is buried on the depth chart.


1. Rob Bironas – Seriously, this guy kicked (and made) eight field goals in one day.  I can’t even drink that many glasses of water a day.  Pick him up.

2. Martin Grammerica – He’s short, but powerful. Just wait for a team to have trouble dinging it through the uprights, and he’ll be starting in no time.


1. Houston Oilers – Even though they lost in a nail biter last week, I think they are a solid buy.  And with Warren Moon at the helm, how can you go wrong?

Thanks for checking out my picks, now go forth and prosper.

(Editor's Note: Ricky's selections have not been verified.  Some of the players above may be inactive, retired, injured, dead, non-existent or play for entirely different sports.  Please do not make any wagers with these picks.

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