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Fantasy SportsWith several fantasy sports kicking into high gear.  I though I'd give you several solid lock picks.  All of these picks have been heavily scouted, and are guaranteed to succeed.  This time, I'll be covering the NFL, NBA, and NHL for you fantasy fanatics.

National Football League

1. Larry Johnson – RB: After an excellent year on the Charlotte Hornets, this guy is ready for a breakout this season.  He recently signed a huge Converse shoe deal, so he's got plenty to play for.

2. Byron Sandwich – QB: Even though this guy recently had surgery, I think he's a viable player.  Seriously, the Atlanta Falcons are definitely lacking in this core position.  Pick him up.

3. Kevin Esther – WR: This guy is simply amazing.  The only other person the Chicago Bulls could have drafted would have been the road runner.

National Basketball Association

1.  Colby Brian – SG: – He's great.  Class act all the way around.  Bonus: You should be able to pick him up on the cheap.

2.  Bill Walton – C: – The center position has become deluded.  I expect Walton to emerge a star.  Especially after completing his hit show, The Waltons, in which a farm family grows up during the great war.

National Hockey League

1. Brian Leech – D:– This is a dicey pick, but I think he'll pan out.  I know he's known for Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, but I think he has a couple good years left in him. Take a chance.  The Raiders did.

Thanks for checking out my picks, now go forth and prosper.

(Editor's Note: Ricky's selections have not been verified.  Some of the players above may be inactive, retired, injured, dead, non-existent or play for entirely different sports.  Please do not make any wagers with these picks.

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