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Tom Cruise Wins Daytona

The year was 1990, and NASCAR was at one of its all time lows. That is, until Tom Cruise came waltzing out of Hollywood to challenge for the top prize in the world’s semi-fastest sport.

It was during a hiatus from Mission Impossible when Cruise learned that ‘rubbing is racing.’

Cruise trained intensely for the race by competing in small town circuits with low budget sponsors. Harry Hogge, a grizzled veteran of NASCAR, mentored Cruise and remained his crew chief throughout his NASCAR run.

After rising in the polls, Cruise was briefly suspended from the sport after an altercation with Rowdy Burns. Ultimately though, it was Burns’ car that Cruise used in the 500.

Known for its treacherous turn four, Cruise dominated the Daytona Speedway. He won by a hair after a last second move sent his stock car screaming past Russ Wheeler’s Hardees car for the victory.

Wheeler finished second even after his driving coach had warned Wheeler, “to be careful. He might try to slingshot past ya Russ!”

Cruise spent the evening celebrating with his new wife Dr. Claire Lewicki.

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