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Lex LuthorAfter his incarceration, due to an altercation with Superman, Lex Luthor was released in 1951 will no job, no henchman, and no money.
Ready to turn over a new leaf, Luthor left the hustle and bustle of Metropolis for a small Indiana town, where Luthor was immediately hired as Hickory High School’s varsity basketball coach.
Always known for his brash personality and spotty past, Luthor had difficulty gaining acceptance from the close knit town, but he soon found friendship with Myra Fleener.
The two become an item as Luthor began to win over citizens and take control of the town.   He even befriended the town alcoholic in an attempt to garner support.  It worked.
Luthor would eventually lead his hick town basketball team to the State Championship, where his team would win, if only for a short period of time.
Immediately following the winning shot, a disgruntled Superman (Who had bet a considerable amount of the Daily Planet’s money on the game) left the Butler Fieldhouse to reverse the rotation of the Earth in order to block the last second shot.
When Luthor found out, he relapsed and immediately began constructing a plot to take over the world.
But I’ll remember him, as the fiery coach that made something from nothing.
Sports History
This has been Sports History with Ricky, I’m Ricky and everything in this post is factual.  Take it to the bank.  I’m a sports encyclopedia.  I spend most of my day in the local karate dojo, but the rest of my time is spent watching ESPN.  So eat it.
– Sports History by Ricky offers a rare glimpse into the history of sports in America.  Sports History provides Rib Riot readers with little known and forgotten facts to impress their friends.
(Editor’s Note:  The facts presented in Ricky’s “Sports History” have been neither substantiated nor confirmed)

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