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Rosie O'Donnell As history would have it, the year was 1943, and a boatload of Major League Baseball players were forced to fight in Vietnam.  It was a time of great unrest.  That's when Willy Wonka, the leading chocolate manufacturer at the time decided to start a women's baseball league consisting of a meager four teams.
With only four teams, the talent pool was pretty deep with the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, and Madonna.  But it was the stocky Rosie O'Donnell that stood out from the pack.  She was signed immediately by the Rockford Peaches.
O'Donnell had a fairly productive year, but was more known for her off the field antics including her notable feud with the whirly haired mogul of the time.  Possibly, Carnegie, but I'm not positive.
Sports History

This has been Sports History with Ricky, I'm Ricky and everything in this post is factual.  Take it to the bank.  I'm a sports encyclopedia.  I spend most of my day in the local karate dojo, but the rest of my time is spent watching ESPN.  So eat it.
– Sports History by Ricky offers a rare glimpse into the history of sports in America.  Sports History provides Rib Riot readers with little known and forgotten facts to impress their friends. 
(Editor's Note:  The facts presented in Ricky's "Sports History" have been neither substantiated nor confirmed

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