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SamwiseIn the year 1975, Samwise Gamgee made the Fighting Irish football squad.  He was a walk on player, and only suited up for a single game.
Notre Dame Scouts were hesitant to give Gamgee a shot, but his stocky build made them think twice.
He was introduced to the fighting Irish after word spread that he had successfully carried Frodo Baggins over the goal line at Mordor, and even though the Fellowship failed to win the ring, Gamgee's performance was impressive.
Gamgee also stood out as a master motivator.  His ability to fire up his teammates in times of great doubt, did not go unnoticed.  However, Samwise was unable attend Notre Dame because of his poor academic record. (I believe he flunked Elvish.)
Gamgee spent a couple of years at the Rivendell academy before being accepted into Notre Dame, where he met his new coach Lou Holtz.  The two formed a quick friendship, and currently speak publicly together, along with Chunk and his "Truffle Shuffle."
In his only play as an Irishman, Gamgee registered a single sack, and was penalized for carrying Lembas bread in his uniform. 
Sports History

This has been Sports History with Ricky, I'm Ricky and everything in this post is factual.  Take it to the bank.  I'm a sports encyclopedia.  I spend most of my day in the local karate dojo, but the rest of my time is spent watching ESPN.  So eat it.
– Sports History by Ricky offers a rare glimpse into the history of sports in America.  Sports History provides Rib Riot readers with little known and forgotten facts to impress their friends. 
(Editor's Note:  The facts presented in Ricky's "Sports History" have been neither substantiated nor confirmed

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