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Keep It In The Closet

In this episode of Keep It In The Closet, Stephen discusses his feelings on Ugg Boots, and what should be done with them.  If you have owned a pair of ugg boots or if you currently have a pair in your closet you don't want to miss this fashion advice.

Keep It In The Closet highlights the latest disasters in the fashion world.  Stephen's blunt and straight to the point approach gives you the back door insight into the world of high design.  Press play to listen…

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One Response to “Ugg Boots Are Uggly”

  1. Sesmond Says:

    HIIIIIiiiiiiiii. Stephen! Well look who’s all grown up! What’s shakin, booster? I ran into Terrell the other night at the Intruder. He says “HEEEYYyyyyy.” Anyhoo, I wanna tell you I agree on those Ugg boots. I once dated a soccer hunk who use to have me strap on Ugg boots and sing Nancy Sinatra songs while he threw raw bacon at me. Awful, awful boots. Keep up the good work, sweetie! Mwah!

    – Sezzy

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