Characters Final Frame
  • No, that hair is for flossing.  This one is an accident.
  • We ran out of lemonade earlier, but Bruno came up with something.
  • The main ingredient is grease.
  • Would you like a tattoo with that?
  • Should I not have put out my ciggy in your mashed taters?
  • Could you please address your order to my chin mole.

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One Response to “The Worst Things to Hear at a Diner”

  1. Ryan Says:

    The B.O. stink is complimentary.

    Ever since that Planned Parenthood moved in next door, our soup du jour has gotten a lot heartier.

    We ran out of regular napkins, so these pads will have to do.

    Hey, pal, the flies were here first.

    Does the five-second rule count for toilets?

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