Characters Final Frame
  • You type like an idiot.
  • I’m am destroying all of your documents… Now.
  • Help, I’m Frozen… Eh Gotcha! Seriously, Now, would be a good time to save what you’re working on.
  • I got it!  Stop clicking!  Why do you think I put the hourglass up?
  • Please remove that CD… I don’t play bargain basement discs.
  • Hi! Welcome to Windows Vista!
  • Stop sticking peripherals in my rear!

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Rock- Guster

3 Responses to “The Worst Things To Hear From Your Computer”

  1. Chris Says:

    I just e-mailed your Mom, Pastor, and Boss the contents of your browser history. I didn’t think you would mind.

  2. Klaus Says:

    I am shutting down in a minute … that is unless you start paying the overtime rate

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