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If there’s one thing I’ve learned while dabbling in the mafia, it’s that people will talk when their life is threatened. I’ve been using these nuggets of 12K gold for years while cold calling, and now my loyal subjects, I pass them on to you.

Heavy breathing is a must.  I like using a deeper voice and I’ll even periodically laugh.

Threatening your client’s family’s safety also goes a long way and gathering personal information on their loved ones adds credibility to this tactic. However, it will only work if you go the extra mile and put in the legwork and preparation.

Breaking in after hours and setting up some sort of ransom situation also works well. This even gives you a chance to express your inner girl with some arts and crafts.

… Or you can tell your prospect that you’ve got a knife and that you’re not afraid to use it.

Call from inside their place of business, and while you’re talking to them, let them know you’re looking at them.

Finally cut their phone lines and walk into their office with a cinder block and a rope. Works every time.

Do any of you pussbags have any other cold calling tips that work?

Always Be Closing is a collection sales tips from Vince’s personal sales playbook called, “Just Buy It: Or I’ll Stab You.”

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