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Always Be Closing

One of the biggest mistakes rookie salesmen make is failing to ask for the sale. I’m going to go one better, most salesmen refuse to demand the sale.

The problem with asking, you light-loafered hawker, is it gives your prospect a chance to choose between yes and no.

Why would you give them the option to say no?

Closers don’t take no for an answer. Take control. Their kids get to eat if they say no, but yours don’t. Keep that in mind when you’re sucking the country’s welfare system dry.  If only you had demanded that sale, you would be livin la vida loca.

Of course when you demand the sale, you better have a threat to back it up. Demanding without a threat is like a van without a bed. It just doesn’t make sense.

You need to have a well-placed threat like, “Remember Carl, I know where you live, 304 West Archer,” or “What’s the most important part of your body Stan? Do you want to keep it?”

It’s a necessity. What do you maniacs do to demand a sale?

Always Be Closing is a collection sales tips from Vince’s personal sales playbook called, “Just Buy It: Or I’ll Stab You.”

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