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What are your thoughts on William Shatner not reprising his role as Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek film?

"I.. Don't have… An opinion… Get it?  William Shatner.  Geez, that's like my best impression.  Really you didn't get it?  To answer your question… Devastated."
"Did William Shatner play sports?  Then this is of no interest to me.  Will there be sports in the movie?  You know what?  I don't even care."
"Eh… I've been having trouble sleeping lately, and my friend Spock and I are taking it pretty hard.  No, not that Spock, the homeless guy down on 34th."
"I think it sucks.  Apparently, he needs a better agent.  William, I'm available and I know people!  …Can you give him my card?"

"If I wanted to watch a flabby old man with terrible acting skills, I'd spend more time with Roger the transvestite." 

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