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What are your thoughts on the current writers' strike?

"I definitely think that they should just get back on the job.  How am I supposed to unwind after a hard days work when there are no new shows?  It's a shame, Desperate Housewives is getting good again."
"Sports aren't scripted.  Nuff said.  No, this is not a good time to discuss whether professional wrestling is fake.  It's not."
"I don't think these people need to be making more money.  If you can't live off of $300 a month you're doing something wrong.  Maybe they should try wearing paper bag underpants like the rest of us!"
"You can't blame a guy for trying to score an extra buck.  That's the way the world turns.  I'm all for it.  By the way, can I borrow a five spot?"

"I'm a little disappointed in some of the slogans.  Seriously aren't these people supposed to be writers?  Don't even get me started about some of the ensembles I've seen on the line." 

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